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The Absolute Truth of How I Cured My Tinnitus

Dear Friend,

This is the absolute, God’s truth of how I cured my Tinnitus. I leave nothing out, I tell it as it happened. I share my story so it can become your story because if you are here, you know Tinnitus is a terrible affliction. I have been there, and thank God, I am no longer there.

This is my story of how I cured my Tinnitus. A story with a happy ending I am pleased to say.

How My Tinnitus Started – That Ringing In My Ear

About two years ago, shortly after taking a shower I noticed a ringing in my ear. Of course I was not concerned in the least – ringing in the ear happens to everyone from time to time. Moreover, I had just washed my hair so maybe some water had gotten into the offending ear – the left one. So not to worry, right?

Wrong! Two days later the ringing was still there. I became very worried and started to do some research online. To my horror it seems what I was experiencing fully reflected the effects of Tinnitus. What? I was just in my mid 50′s, this could not be.

Then I also noticed from reading more online that even younger people suffered from Tinnitus. This was not good. In fact I read about one young lady whose school grades were being affected as she had a hard time studying. Ouch!

But then I could also relate. I myself was having difficulty doing some course work. It is terribly difficult to concentrate when there are all kinds of funny sounds in your head.

This Was Truly Awful – Now The “Whooshing” Sound

What was frightening was that the ringing got worse – it felt at times like I had a seashell stuck to my ears and I was listening to the sound of the sea waves in my left ear. Soon came that awful whooshing sound.

It got so bad that at nights I would be awakened by the sounds in my ear and had to get up to go watch TV just to get some relief. I could no longer sing at church as I was hearing myself in my head. Not a pleasant experience.

This went on for months. About seven months after the ringing in the ear started I decided that I had to try something to get rid of it. Anything reasonable. I searched the internet for an answer and found a couple of sites that purport to have products that would get rid of the problem.

I know I should have gone to the doctor, but just based on what I was reading from reputable sources such as WebMd, going to the doctor would most likely start off a bunch of tests only to be  followed by “you just have to live with it”. I have been down this road before and no, I didn’t have to live with “it”.

So going to the doctor became my back up plan.

I had to do something, this was becoming just unbearable and what was worse, I was beginning to lose the hearing in my left ear.

My Hilarious Experience With a $180.00 Tinnitus Cure Product

I found a site that sounded real promising based on the testimonials they had from customers. Good, I thought, some sufferers just like me who found relief. This surely will work for me. It was a bit expensive at $180.00, but if it works, then it would surely be worth every penny. Out came the credit card and within 10 days the product was at my door.

The next three months I followed the instructions provided on how to take the product. Three months went by, four months went by, five months went by. No change. Surely for $180.00 there should have been some change, some relief. But none. Nada.

Then one day a representative from the company called.

“Hi, how are you doing? We are just reaching out to you to see how you are now doing with the Tinnitus issue.”

“Not doing too great” I replied. “In fact, I am very frustrated, the product did not work.”

“How is your sleeping?” the person on the phone asked.

“My sleeping? Not very good. The ringing disturbs my sleep almost nightly.”

“Oh, I am sorry. Well maybe we can help with that. We have this product…”

“Another product for my hearing?” I quickly interjected.

“No, no, one to help you with the sleeping.”

I could not believe this. Here was a company that sold me a product that clearly did not work and is about to propose I try something else for one of the effects of the original problem. Unbelievable.

So I said, “You know what, I am not interested.” And hung up.

This was just frustrating.

Three to four more months went by. Still the ringing and strange sounds continued in my left ear. Now my wife was really noticing my hearing loss.

At this point I was ready to go to the doctor, though I really did not have much hope here. I even got RingRelief™ from my local pharmacy. No relief whatsoever.

By now I was getting used to the sounds and learning to ignore them. Most likely what I would hear from my doctor unless there was some serious underlying problem. Only problem was that at night when it got really quiet, that’s when it was most annoying.

Then out of the blue, a company that I had previously ordered some supplements from, IVL,  sent me this brochure about hearing loss. As usual, I scanned the document and noticed that some users of the product reported less ringing in their ears.

I had good experience with some of their other products in the past, so there was a high level of trust there. What piqued my interest really was the paragraph where they described some effects of Tinnitus and hearing loss:

  • Progressive hearing loss that will eventually plunge you into a world of silence.
  • Constant ringing, whistling, roaring, hissing, chirping, and cricket sounds in your ears that can literally drive you nuts.
  • The inability to hear highs and lows

This was exactly what I was going through.

What the heck I thought, I might as well spend the $89.99  for the 3 month supply and if it doesn’t work, then surely I will ask for a refund. In fact, they threw in an extra bottle as this was a special promotion.

Here is a portion of that order I placed with IVL on August 20, 2012

Order Details

Order Number: W0056179
Order Date: 08/20/2012
Ship Date: Not available
Billing Address: Shipping Address: Payment Type:
Gilroy S
Lauderhill, FL 33319
Gilroy SLauderhill, FL 33319 Credit CardType: MasterCard
Item Qty Price Each
Reconnect™ 1-month trial 4 $22.50
Order Totals:
Subtotal:                          $89.99
Standard Shipping:             $7.99Sales Tax:                         $0.00
Order Total: $97.98


Less than 10 days I had the product in my hand – Reconnect™, and started taking it right away. One month went by, no change, two months went by, I thought I was hearing a bit better but I just could not tell. The ringing and buzzing and whooshing were still there.

Not again! I thought. In the midst of month 3 I stopped taking the product, just out of frustration. Surely I should have seen some change and it was not happening as far as I could tell. I was about to return the unused portion of the third bottle and ask for a refund. This was not working for me.

How wrong I was. And boy was I glad to be so wrong. Reconnect™ was working.

Because suddenly, suddenly, the ringing stopped. At the end of 3 months going into a fourth month, and two weeks after having stopped taking the capsules, the ringing and buzzing suddenly stopped one day.

Finally QUIET! Was My Tinnitus Gone?

I could not believe what I was hearing – QUIET. Finally, QUIET, No Ringing, No Buzzing, No Strange
Sounds like the sea is in my left ear.

But I was cautious. So I waited a few more days before I really started to believe. This product, Reconnect™ had worked. I got my nights back, I could finally sleep in QUIET.

I still have the unfinished bottle of  capsules, and I used the fourth bottle for maintenance purpose. But I will not use the unfinished portion of that third bottle with only 5 capsules left. I just want to keep it to remind me of what really worked.

Here is a picture of the unfinished bottle.   I will keep this for a very long time.

Reconnect - Hearing Loss

It means that much to me.

And that is how I cured my Tinnitus. That is my story. I share this because I know there are others out there suffering just like how I suffered.

I can’t tell you Reconnect™ will work for you. I do not know. What I know is that it worked for me. And that was over 8 months ago, and still no ringing, no buzzing, no weird sounds in my left ear.

And to top it off, my hearing has improved significantly.  My wife was the first to notice. She  no longer has to repeat stuff when she speaks to me or raise her voice.

So would I recommend Reconnect™?

Absolutely, because I know it is based solely on my own experience with the product, and that experience has been very rewarding. How could I not want to share this with others who are suffering like I did?

If you are suffering from Tinnitus as I suspect you are, then I urge you to give it a try. There is nothing to lose but the constant noise in your ear. The company has a great refund policy and I trust them completely based on my own experience with them.

Check out the full details about Reconnect™.

I would absolutely recommend that you stay on the product for at least 3 – 4 months. That is about how long it took for me to get rid of my Tinnitus. And it is really not expensive, plus they have an ironclad guarantee program.

Good luck and let me know how you do, even if you do not order the product and find resolution elsewhere. In any case, post a comment to let me know how things work out for you.



Check out Reconnect™ here to get full details of how it works and the benefits.

And, oh just to be very open about this, in the interest of full disclosure I may earn a small commission from your purchase. But this is absolutely not about that. I know what Tinnitus feels like and its not fun. I am just very grateful to share and hopefully by me sharing my own experience a lot more people will find relief and some of the worthless products out there will be off the market soon.


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